Let’s cook together
something really good.

Open space for people interested in gastronomy, knowledge of other countries through their meals, common cooking, gastronomy and agriculture business and job, global food themes and the search for opportunities to help others.

gasoc food can help

Food can help

The Youth Food Hub is our plan to build space for young people who want to create a community focused on healthy and sustainable eating, food and gastronomy, lifting jobs related to gastronomy and farming. Within this space, we will share information about food, food systems and opportunities for young people who are interested in working in this area also professionally. But it will be also an opportunity to cook together, to share the joy of eating, to communicate and to cooperate.

Our objectives in this area are in particular:

  • To promote the dissemination of information and knowledge about the history of food, beverages, meals, kitchen technology, chefs, people who influenced the gastronomy
  • To promote community development through gastronomy activities and through cooperation among food operators within communities
  • To educate on the culture of eating, on healthy nutrition, on food and beverages, on cooking and related activities
  • To enable young people to implement their culinary ideas and suggestions, present them to others and to the public
  • To bring the culture and lives of other peoples and nationalities closer together through their meals and drinks
  • Promote entrepreneurial ideas in the field of gastronomy and food culture, in particular gastronomic and agro start-ups, and to help them in their realization

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