Building a better food system for V4’s youth – Invitation to the partnership

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Gastronomy Society is opening a call for 3 partner organizations which will participate in realization of the one-year project called “Building a better food system for V4’s youth”.
We are dedicated to building a food system that is sustainable, equitable, regionally-focused and accessible. With this project we seek to build community partnerships, produce youth-centered policy documents, and encourage the development of sustainable food system infrastructure in V4 countries.

For all of us, it is an opportunity to reflect on whether all people in the world have the same conditions to provide food for their children and for themselves, and how we approach ourselves in what is considered to be our “normal day food”. Morning coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in the meantime something small and sweet. We rarely think of what we eat and even less of those who have not been lucky to be born in similar conditions. Let’s try to think about how it looks elsewhere. Here are ten facts you should know about hunger:

Project duration: 1st May 2018 – 30th April 2019
Eligible countries: Czech republic, Hungary, Poland

Target groups are: Young people, Youth Workers, NGOs working in the field of Food and Agriculture, Entrepreneurs in Food industry and Agriculture, Public Institutions representatives

The aim: Mobilize and engage youth to make change by building a just food system. We envision a V4 countries where youth are informed, empowered and mobilized.

The objectives of the project are to:
(1) Increase awareness of V4 food issues among the general population;
(2) Increase awareness and active involvement of civil society in food policy-making processes with emphasis on youth
(3) Create new approaches to existing regional public challenges in food industry and agriculture
(4) Create common advocacy strategies addressing regional issues in food industry and agriculture
(5) Provide training, resources, and networking opportunities to increase involvement in local food issues by community members and decision makers;
(6) Increase connections and build community between the public, V4 countries food businesses, NGOs, governmental entities and others, to support local economic development and innovative solutions and to improve ecosystem for business and social business development at the regional level

Main activities of the project:
1. Local and regional meetings in V4 countries with the aim to provide youth with an open space to network, learn from one another, and share food related information and experiences
2. Four national meetings with representatives of the regional, national organisations working in the field of food and agriculture
3. Visegrad Countries Food Policies Conference, 15th – 17th October 2018 (connection to the World Food Day – 16th October 2018)
4. Local trainings for young people based on the results of the meetings and conference where young people could get a chance to become an influencing voice in V4 food policy change

With this project we would like to apply for Visegrad grant (more information about the call here ). The deadline for call is 1st February 2018.

In case that you’re interested in the project partnership, please provide us with the necessary information in the form here. The deadline for sending the information is 26th January 2018.

In case of any questions, please contact: Michal Šľachta,, mobile phone +421 910 992 999

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