Eating is social.
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Food is an essential part of our lives. Today, however, it seems that our daily social feeds feed us alike. Eating together is one of the last options when we can talk, have fun, laugh and cry, meet new people – everything alive. Talk and listen. Food unbelievably connects and helps to keep relationships and create new ones. Through gastronomy, the world of exploring the other cultures opens up. Share it.

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What is Gastro

Food connects people. Over the years, national meals are spreading to other countries, through trade, migration and the various other ways that today’s globalized world brings. Today, countries can present their “haute cuisine” on the international scene, hosting gastronomic events and festivals, as well as local specialties from the local cuisine or market.

Food is an important aspect of national security, social entrepreneurship and peace building. Different communities are now thinking about food in a way that has never been thought of before. Through gastrodiplomacy, we have the opportunity to learn about food culture in different countries of the world and chefs try their skills to get our stomachs and hearts by preparing and presenting their own national cuisine.


Through cooperation with partner organizations from different countries of the world, we want to give young people the opportunity to address global topics related to food, gastronomy, food waste, sustainable eating and other important topics through the communication on international level. We want to give them the opportunity to meet. Meetings of young people from different countries are always a guarantee of new and unrepeatable experiences. They are an opportunity for gastronomy to lead students in an informal and entertaining way to the new knowledge. We also treat food as a means of identifying other cultures and building common bridges. Sweet Bridges. The curiosity as it turns out to drives us on and on. Around the world.

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