Eating is natural.
Don’t waste it.

Projects focus on politics, laws and rules in gastronomy or food health. We talk about waste of food in Slovakia and worldwide, too. We are very interested what do young people think about it.

gasoc food policies

Sustainable cuisine

Activities focus on policies, laws and rules in food and farming areas. We will talk about food waste in Slovakia and the world. We will talk about the fact that millions of people suffer from obesity, while others in the world die of hunger. We are very curious about what young people say on this subject. And what do we plan to do about it.

We know that we can build a food system that provides our communities with equal access to healthy food and respects the dignity of farmers who produce it. We believe we can help regional food systems, support the growth of humane, natural and organic farms and environmental protection. We value our children’s health, workers’ rights, animal welfare and protection. And we believe that by working together, we can make this vision real.

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